This 42 year old natural dog food recipe was invented by my mother for our childhood dog Daisy who was a very finicky eater.  It was a huge success with Daisy and well appreciated by other dogs in the neighborhood.  Daisy lived for 15 beautiful healthy years.

The years passed, but our family recipe stayed on the back burner.  It was not until 2002, when our daughter Sindy moved back home, to go to college and brought with her 3 cats and a 1 year old rescued beagle named Koji that we had to pull out my Mom's recipe once again as Koji refused to eat anything else.  This time we baked our patties with a much larger, gourmet amount of veggies, that weren't readily available back in the 70's.
Koji is now 14+ years old and very healthy.

Sindy finished college, got married and eventually moved to Victoria, B.C.
where she started a natural dog food business name MR. KOJI 100% NATURAL DOG FOOD, she really enjoyed sharing her healthy creations with other local dogs.

On July 05 2013, Sindy an animal lover, lost her courageous battle to cancer.  During her last days, she requested that we continue her business.  She challenged us to provide the best nutritional, completely balanced diet for our furry friends so that they may retain or gain a healthy lifestyle, and to prevent cancer.

CHEF KOJI NATURAL DOG FOOD was created in Sindy's memory and honour.


A dog is the only thing, that can mend a crack in your broken heart.
            From:  The 100 All-Time Greatest Quotes About Dogs. 
            By:  Lorenzo Jensen III